Larger format cutting

Hi there. I am wanting to cut 5’ x 10’ sheets. I have been using a few of the spread sheets that have been posted and tweaking the different inputs. I am able to make a perfectly flat torsion box with vacuum, minimizing friction on the sled. With the following inputs I have come up with max 35.9 ftp and Min 5.2 ftp.

Motor Sep - 168
Motor Height - 27
Work area 5’ x 10’

This will leave the chain extended to about 13.5’ at its longest point. My main worry is the effect of the chain sagging. Has anyone used a 5’ x 10’ or similar? Note I have a large shop with 25’ ceilings and plenty of space.

I think the software will take into account chain sag. (@orob , @dlang please correct me if I’m wrong).

I went 12’ topbeam for 8’ workspace and the bottom corners are still a bit troublesome.

I’m curious is 14’ is enough for you. Only 27" above workspace is going to drive a lot of force for top center which you may have “sled keeping up issues.”

Let us know how it works out.

I think there was one guy cutting 12’ sheets, a little higher beam and 2-4’ wider than your cut piece should get you there. Looks like you did the math on it. Tim hit the highlights. top center and lower corners are the challenge. You may want to put a chainguard on the motors for the top center when the tension goes up to avoid skipping a tooth. I think you can make it work.