Noobie Question

Hi: I am very new in my research on the Maslow, but am quite excited to learn.
I have need to cut from 5’x10’ sheets of plywood. From what I can see, the Ground Control S/W is limited to 4x8?
Modifying the motor mounts, structure, chain length, etc. seems straightforward however.
Is there a thread that addresses stretching to 5’x10’ sheets?

Thanks so much, all!

It is possible, although i have only used the default size. This thread has the best answers to your questions that I can find.

play around with the dimensions on the spreadsheet at

change the work area, then change your motor spacing and height until you get min forces at least as high as stock (and possibly try to make them as high as going with a 12 top beam) and a max force no higher than stock

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Excellent! Thanks!

Dave Bucka