Sled not Keeping up

I was running a cut last night and about halfway through (a couple hours) i kept getting the alarm that the sled wasn’t keeping up. i ran the test motors /encoders test and it failed in direction 1 for both motors the first time. i then ran the test again and every thing passed. I originally thought that maybe the sled was to heavy or something but even if i take the load off of the chains by lifting up the sled and hitting home it gives me this error almost immediately.

I did check the connections of all motors, to the motors, to the shield, the power supply and the usb cable.

any suggestions?

You can increase the limit that triggers this message in the advanced settings, however I think I’d want to be sure that no mechanical or wire issues are triggering it. That the test motors /encoders failed worries me.

at this point id like to turn it off and finish the cut im on then figure out the issue i will probably do that when i get home and hope that there are no major issues… its strange that the motors failed their test the first time but the second time passed. i wasnt looking at the sled when i ran the first test i was watching the computer, but it sounded like it moved in all directions.

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the last check i did i noticed it was failing with the diagonal movements… it sounded like the left motor was supposed to be moving but it didn’t.

In GC click on ‘settings’, then on the grey bar where it says ‘maslow settings’. A menu should show up for ‘advanced settings’. At the bottom change from 2 to 20 or so.

thats what i plan on doing when i get home. could the position be off somehow because the computer im using is fairly slow? i had a laptop i hadnt used for a while that i decided to dedicate to the machine.

I don’t think the laptop is the problem. Could be a loose encoder or a tricky wire that sometimes looses contact.

This is a warning, it does not block cutting, you should be able to just ignore

Unfortunately it was stoping the sled ever half inch or so. After doing some research I ended up lower the feed rate from 950 to 800 and doing what Gero has suggested with the positioning settings. Seems to be working fine now!


This happened to me yesterday and it turns out one of the motor cables was ever so slightly unseated.