Top or bottom feed

was just wonder what is best top feed or bottom i set everything up as the instructions say. but i am getting tooth just sometimes i am bottom feed. im thinking that the chain is to loose at times

i was recalibrating after jumping tooth twice and it did it during calibration

Those chains are must to loose. Did you consider a weight system to hold them?

I’d prefer to use bottom feed because with this configuration is very difficult to jumping tooth

You need more tension on bungies in a top feed configuration.

The wording can be confusing. It naming where the chain leaves the sprocket to go to the sled.

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is yours top feed

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yes i see yours is oppisite of mine

how much and what do you use for weight

I think the bottom feed is better (chains along the top beam) because if you have the chains down the side, they are going to swing back towards vertical and not be in line with the sprocket.

That being said, the stock approach of the stretchy cord just doesn’t work well, it provides the least force when you need the most and the most force when you need the least, switching to weights is simple and solves the problem, see Weights for chain tension

There the weights are scrap metal that’s about 4 pounds per side.

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People use 2 liter soda pop bottles filled with sand dirt cheap literally.
lead ingot muffin pans would be the smallest and can be found cheap on craigslist
old work out weights
pretty much anything that is around 4-5 lbs that you can wrap a rope around will work.

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