Sled dont keep up, im stuck and need advice

Hi, i found a way to temsion the chains, but the sled seams like kicking, makes ripples like finish, I tried many thing but now im out of resources…maybe someone knows exactly whats going on, thanks! Any suggestion is welcome, thanks!


You might have too much weight on the sled… looks like you added an extra brick? That could result in the ‘sled not keeping up’ issue. Also, I don’t know, but maybe use separate weights on the chains rather than combining them into one. As for the jittery cuts, what feed rate, router bit size, and depth of cut were you trying?


Yeah I had to put another brick, because those who are there au prety small…smaller than average, I could try to have separate tensionnners, still I have no chain skipping and the tension si not too heavy not to low, im using a 1/4 inch bit cutting 1/4inch deep in MDF…I think I should chamge my router bit…how you guys know when bit is due? Im at 30 inch per minute feed rate.

I’ve not cut mdf but it just seems to me that it would be hard to cut than plywood. If that’s the case then maybe you need to drop the depth of each pass. For a 1/4-inch bit cutting into plywood, I cut around 0.15 inch.


Al right ill get notion of this…and I think MDF is pretty rough on bits

I also removed the third brick, I will lower de deepness of the cuts and do more pass. Do you remove the sled each you use the maslow? If I cant find the problem I might try indepent tension bungees as you suggested.

No need to remove sled from chains.

It looks like you just need a second weight for independent tension… you look all use up otherwise.