Transfer to a new computer

I have attempted to move my configuration from one computer to another. I installed Webcontrol and imported the .json file that I exported from the original computer. When I loaded a GCode file and attempted to run it I got an error message saying I had to set the chain lengths. Is there a way to do this without going through the whole calibration process?

Two options. If possible, option 2 would be easier:

  1. if you marked your chains when you first calibrated, you can do the “reset chains” where you move the sprockets to the 12:00 position and then put on the marked chain and you should be good to go.

  2. Perhaps all you needed to do was copy the .Webcontrol hidden folder and sub folders to the new computer and you would not have needed to do anything.

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Thanks Orob. Did not mark the chains as I didn’t really understand the process at the time. I will look at moving the folder tomorrow.