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Only just signd up here - still looking around and learning. Thinking of building a Maslow for The Making Space in Huddersfield. It would be a handy addition to the space’s facilities.
Are you moving away from West Yorkshire d3n0?



I just signed up to the forums.

I’m based in East London.

I haven’t built a Maslow yet, but it’s on my list of CNC machines to build, as i have a long and ever-growing list of things to make. :smiley:
Always happy to gossip about hardware and making things. :smiley:


Hi @d3n0 , i,m in west yorks too , Mirfield area Havent finished my build yet , but getting there


Hi @frogfall , i,m in Mirfield , not finished my build yet , but will have soon , wherabouts in Hudds are you?


Hi Bruce, I’m in Golcar - but was thinking of building a Maslow for The Making Space, which is based in the Media Centre in Hudds. Not actually started building yet - as have too much on at the moment.
Will be interested in hearing of your experiences with the machine.


Progress is a bit slow at the moment Dave , I have built my frame out of 25 x 50 x 2mm box section , but haven’t got any sheets of ply as yet .
Trouble is i,m also building a cnc plasma table at the same time , so plenty going off with not enough spare time .

the Maslow frame is made to come apart for transport , but i,m making it at work in my own time and there isn’t a vacant bit of wall space big enough to erect it and give it a try .So it will have to wait until I can get the pitchfork out on my garage .

email is if you wish to pm me (remove the 2345)


Little tip: Posting email addresses is the best way to get tons of spam. Better use the PM in the forum to exchange those. You can also ‘disguise’ the address with an (at) instead of an @, but the spambots collecting addresses get better and I’ve heard that some can read it out of a .jpg.


Thanks Bruce. @Gero is right - probably best to edit your post and delete the email address (I’ve got it now, anyway).
I certainly sympathise with the slow progress. I’ve always got more plans on the go than hours in the day. And that is without real life getting in the way - which it inevitably does.
The CNC plasma table sounds good. Some members of The Making Space have been wanting to pour all our funds into buying an expensive Laser Cutter - but there is no way we could afford one that would cut anything other than acrylic sheet or thin plywood. Plasma seems a much better option, in my view, for self-funded metal-cutting gadgets.
Are you saying that your Maslow frame has been fabricated in steel box section? That sounds good, if so. I suspect overal stiffness is a major factor in the cutting accuracy problems of some people’s builds.


Thanks Gero , i,m not savvy with that kind of thing


Whats this making space all about then?


I posted a link to their Public facebook page in an earlier comment. One description reads:

The Making Space is a shared workspace in Huddersfield where craft makers, technologists, artists, engineers, musicians, and anyone interested in learning, can share their skills, and by sharing begin to collaborate on new ideas, projects and products.

The most important skill is being interested in learning, and we welcome anyone who wants to get involved.

It is a cooperatively run group - which has a room in the basement of the Media Centre that is used as a hackspace / art space / craft space depending on everyone’s individual interests. A good proportion of the members are artists, of various descriptions, which widens the range of activities considerably when compared with solely tech-based hackspaces.

Over the last year we have also taken over empty shops as pop-up maker-spaces, and run public events (e.g. workshops on various art, craft, and tech based themes). There is quite a lot of overlap, and collaboration, with other groups. For instance, one of our members also runs the Huddersfield Raspberry Jam sessions, and we’ve also hosted events for Hudds Girl Geeks , and run joint music events with AME.

I suspect many of the members would love to get their hands on a Maslow :wink:


Newtownabbey (Northern Ireland) here. My maslow kit hasn’t arrived yet. Working on preparing a Bosch POF 1200 AE in the mean time.


I just received my Maslow kit last Friday.

It’ll be based at the Craftory Workshop. :smiley:


Hi to all UK Maslovians I am based just outside Oxford. I am intended to use a Bosch POF 1400 ACE unit which I have already converted for the Z axis.

I am going to build my frame in September utilising Unistrut on the top end and most likely I am going to start with a 12’ top beam and dead weights for the chain tensions.

I have the luxury of a CNC Laser so will probably have a clear sled from Acrylic as well. But it’s all wishfull thinking until I start my build. I have the kit and the Unistrut have just got to get the time on a day which means I don’t melt doing it!


New here too and tempted to build one for the fun and end use. Understand that kits maybe on hold shortly?
Based in Swindon.


They currently still have kits in stock, but when this batch sells out they will be taking a break and do not have a timeline for when the kits will be available again.

Oh, and welcome :slight_smile:


Bit the bullet and ordered. Don’t know what the lead time is, but should allow me to get on with the frame. No doubt I will get through a small forest :wink:


Now need to settle on a router


Hay, how’s everyone doing with there Maslow’s? I saw it as a Kickstarter project but didn’t but the bullet at the time and now don’t have the space really for one :frowning: but I was keen to see one in the flesh, I was wondering if anyone found issues with accuracy, if like to make an mft style top and thought this would have been great for that. Thanks Sam


Hi , I did bite the bullet and bought one several weeks back . One of the things I am going to be making in the near future is an MFT style top , so I will let you know how it goes . I’ve now built the whole frame thing as well as a Z-axis arrangement to mount a Kress router. Hopefully in the next week I will actually get some time to do my first cuts , once I figure out how to get the centre of the ground control workspace in the centre of the real workspace. Based in Truro.