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I’m based in London and cant even get my order in.

Have you got it yet?

Would love to collaborate with you making cool stuff. Check out my website here

Any idea how to order one. Am on the waiting list i think :slight_smile:


Just ordered my kit. Would love to speak with makers in the UK…



Hey, did you make it?

How did it go?

Any tips on putting your kit together…




Hi Amin ,

Yes I sure did . It went remarkably well . I spent some time making a better Z axis arrangement but all in all it wasn’t that tricky.

While it’s supposed to be capable of doing a 8x4 sheet I found it lost accuracy in the extreme corners such that a 20mm hole in the top left corner would come out as an oval shape .

If I did it again I would make my top beam longer than the recommended length so you can move the motors further out at a later time .The reason being that if you want to do a full 8x4 sheet then
you need to place the motors further apart than the recommended spacing to give you just that extra bit of control at the extreme edges . That makes the calibration a bit more interesting so I would get it working first and then if you want the added accuracy
at the edges then move the motors further out .

In one of the photos you can see the workbench I constructed with the top full of 20mm holes actually on the machine

It certainly wetted my appetite to carry on with CNC based woodworking , but I’m probably going to design my own Modular 4x4 vertical machine that can be expanded to an 8x4 machine by doubling
up on the base when needed. ( space limitations are always a problem )


Hugh James


Hi James,

Thanks for the update. Go my kit and started making my frame.

Where about’s are you in the UK, would love to have a chat and collaborate on projects, would you?

I’m based in London, my email is please ping em an email…

All the best



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