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I’m based in London and cant even get my order in.

Have you got it yet?

Would love to collaborate with you making cool stuff. Check out my website here

Any idea how to order one. Am on the waiting list i think :slight_smile:

Just ordered my kit. Would love to speak with makers in the UK…


Hey, did you make it?

How did it go?

Any tips on putting your kit together…



Hi Amin ,

Yes I sure did . It went remarkably well . I spent some time making a better Z axis arrangement but all in all it wasn’t that tricky.

While it’s supposed to be capable of doing a 8x4 sheet I found it lost accuracy in the extreme corners such that a 20mm hole in the top left corner would come out as an oval shape .

If I did it again I would make my top beam longer than the recommended length so you can move the motors further out at a later time .The reason being that if you want to do a full 8x4 sheet then
you need to place the motors further apart than the recommended spacing to give you just that extra bit of control at the extreme edges . That makes the calibration a bit more interesting so I would get it working first and then if you want the added accuracy
at the edges then move the motors further out .

In one of the photos you can see the workbench I constructed with the top full of 20mm holes actually on the machine

It certainly wetted my appetite to carry on with CNC based woodworking , but I’m probably going to design my own Modular 4x4 vertical machine that can be expanded to an 8x4 machine by doubling
up on the base when needed. ( space limitations are always a problem )


Hugh James


Hi James,

Thanks for the update. Go my kit and started making my frame.

Where about’s are you in the UK, would love to have a chat and collaborate on projects, would you?

I’m based in London, my email is please ping em an email…

All the best


Just to be sure you know, the Maslow forums are public; you don’t even need an account to read them, so any email addresses and other personal details you post can be seen by everyone, including spammers. You might want to edit your post to remove the address. Your choice.

Good to hear that there are plenty of Maslow users in the UK. I ordered mine up after finding out about them at the recent MakerCentral event at the NEC. I am on the Surrey/Sussex border and have just started my journey into CNC machines as the next step on from 3D printing.

The kit turned up yesterday, so I jumped straight in and got the frame built up. I have got a Bosch 1200 and am waiting on the Z axis kit to turn up. Have decided to go with a longer 12 foot section of UniStrut along the top, so that I have the option of moving the motors out another foot each side if I want to. Here is a picture of what I have so far:


Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

Looks good! You’ll be making chips soon!

Good luck, give me a should if you need help?

Am at the last stage of calibrating my kit.

Thanks. I have the electronics, motors & software all working now so am moving on to fitting the Unistrut top bar & making a temp sled. I hope to start calibrating by the end of this weekend.

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Hi Hugh,

Your setup looks great, I just bought the maker made cnc kit, did Maslow rebrand? Anyway. Looking to set it up to take to a festival build by July, where are you based? would be great to get tips so as to avoid time costing mistakes!

Welcome, @Guzzi, to the forums! Here’s the story about the Maslow CNC. Maslow CNC (the company) was started by Bar and Hannah with a kickstarter campaign for the original kits. Along with the kits, they set up these forums as well as the Community Garden. After a few rounds of kits, Bar and Hannah decided to get out of the Maslow kit business. Four businesses have stepped in to offer kits of their own. See this post, section 1 for links to those businesses. While Maslow isn’t selling kits, Bar can still be seen in the forums.

Ordering, building, and calibrating a Maslow CNC in time for a festival in July is an ambitious goal. While there is a lot of information on these forums to help you turn your kit into a working CNC router, it still is more involved than, say constructing Ikea furniture. You will need to build a frame from materials (usually wood) you buy, cut, and assemble. There are frame designs on the forums.

These forums are filled with really helpful people, who will do their best to help solve your problems, but it will take a fair bit of effort on your part. I’m not trying to talk you out of building a Maslow. I just want to make sure your expectations are grounded so you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for your reply, yeah I can imagine there’s a big learning curve involved!!! I’m a cabinet maker so hopefully have enough knowledge to speed things up a little, I also have access to a cnc so will get the base cnc’d from acrylic. My main concerns are what router to get and then converting dxf files to cam files for the cutting and the calibration. I’m going to do a load of homework for on this forum and then shout out when I get stuck! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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You may also want to consider a DC spindle instead of a router. Now that there are so many alternative z-axis builds out there, if you don’t already have a router, you can start with a spindle instead and have a quieter machine. Spindles also offer a lot of additional control options and speed variation.

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Great bit of info thanks! Loving this community already!

Gustave Andre

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Hi Gustave ,

Complicated . I live in Truro in Cornwall which is where my workshop is , but actually work during the week in Ipswich

I’m only around on weekends .

Always possible to do a video conference on Webex or skype if you want to chat or have a look at it without the travel


Hugh James


Hi there. im in Mallusk, just built everything but trying to find the right router to use for it. Wouldnt want to come up and help?


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Hi Denis, I’m just up the road near Parkgate. I’ve been using the AEG MF 1400 KE which is not so easy to get here anymore and was around £320 when i got it. So just for kicks i’ve just bought a much cheaper £44 Vonhaus router to have a go at working with it. Do you have any routers in mind? Do you have plans for a z-axis modification?

Im right opposite you across the m1 on carngraney rd.

I have a ridgid/aeg coming. Got on ebay for 50.

Have z all set up and ready to go