UK Based Maslow CNC Builds

i recently purchased my Maslow CNC kit,

i was curious how many of you on here are also based in the UK?

i will be building my Maslow CNC in a Community based studio, and be offering it for supervised open access and CNC cutting services for community projects and artists…

great to chat some more!



See this thread and add your self -

Thank you

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already added myself, thank you @Bee

im looking fairly lonley in the UK haha

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fww - I know there is at least 1 more of you out in the UK - LOL

Thank you

I’m in the UK as well, up near Perth in Scotland. Haven’t ordered a machine yet as waiting to move to a place with bigger garage/barn at some point in the near future.

Hi All,

I’m in London and waiting for hopefully the spring arrival of a Maslow kit. Looking to (fingers crossed) squeeze mine into a coal hole/cellar beneath the pavement. Unistrut all the way for me.


Actually just pinned on the Map, not too far from you @drock.

Still super excited to get the Maslow up and running and take money off a small queue of curious people betting on whether it’ll fit in the space.


Nice to meet you Coal ,

well i will keep you posted when up and running,
or perhaps if i encounter any problems haha.

i am in Westminster…

im expecting delivery for end of feb

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Lonely? Look at our friend @whmountains and me, we are the only ones on our continent :cry::rofl:


I’m in the UK, north west Kent. Just received a customs letter saying my Maslow has arrived so a while before I get around to building it.

For anyone interested have received a bill of £83.31 including customs duty (10.42), Import VAT (61.64) and a clearance fee (11.25)


Hi im in Glasgow
And have been using the maslow since December with great results
Just upgraded the router to the Bosch POF 1200 with no issues
Just waiting on the ring to go on sale


I am in West Yorks - just about to move- not ordered my Maslow yet- just want to ask before ordering- power supply option- what have other UK users opted for US?EU? Or neither? I want to order for June delivery so would appreciate a response immensely. Then I can get my kit ordered. Much appreciation in advance for responses- thank you


I believe the power supply is a universal power supply, the only difference
being the power cord.

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hi the EU version has a two pin plug.
therefore you will need to buy a new power cord with a three pin uk plug
just like the one you get on computers


Thanks for that Dru much appreciated

Hello fellow UKers, I have come late to the party an djust stumbled on the Maslow. Going to order one soon, just a quick question. What routers are you using with your builds and are you using the z axis motor?

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we use the modified Bosch 1200 with the Z Axis


Found the thread after asking the question :blush: but really appreciate the response



Good advice!

Thank you for sharing - here is a cautionary tale on Mains Voltage.

Thank you

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Hello fellow UK Maslowvians,

I’m on the Wiltshire/Hampshire/Berkshire divide.

I started my build back in November last year by ordering the Maslow Arduino Shield and a couple of motors from China. The motors didn’t cut it, because the H-Bridge (Maslow Shield) wasn’t designed for their electronic makeup. As such in December I ordered 4 Motors from Hannah and Bar and set about building a frame and sled.

Initially I was trying to sled my Trend T11E, but it’s a beast and way to top heavy for my initial sled design and ring height. The T11E has a built in leadscrew for the z-axis that I’d adapted to run with one of the Maslow motors. I need to design a new sled and ring to accept it.

So, I decided to use the sled for my Katsu router trimmer (Makita copy out of the same factory, manual even details Makita Japan address on back page!) which cost me about £40 on ebay. The genuine article can sometime be picked up for not much more! I shall probably invest in another of these as a spare. However, in test cuts it performs well and is nice and compact. I built a ‘scrap bin challenge’ z-axis that accepts the Katsu really easily and uses one of the chain motors, which incidentally work well and are easy to configure in GroundControl.

Most of the other parts can be sourced on the web. Chain can be found on eBay, but I advise all to measure 100 links to get a more precise measure. My #25 chain was a little off and I think the difference matters!

Check out for bits like cogs, etc.

I now have a working Maslow and it’s been a really enjoyable project to build. Now time for making…