Updated SD Flash Chip - Help request

Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get a second set of eyes on something. We’re using an NAND flash chip that appears to the controller as an SD card. The reason for that over an actual SD card is that in a dusty high vibration environment it’s much more reliable. It’s been working great…BUT the manufacturer of the chip that we’re using discontinued it and made a new version. It looks like the new version should be a drop in replacement, but I dropped one in and it didn’t work.

Does anyone see a reason from these datasheets that it wouldn’t be a direct substitution?

Old version (working):

2304140030_XTX-XTSD04GLGEAG_C558839.pdf (763.6 KB)

New version (not working):

XTX_SD_NAND_1Gb_2Gb_4Gb_8Gb_3.3V_1.8V_XTSDx0xG_v0.4.pdf (675.5 KB)

Anyone see anything jump out?

We are using the SPI interface to both chips

Here’s how the chip is hooked up:

This seems like the most likely culprit, but I’m not sure what the easy solution is :confused:

Luckily it looks like other manufactures make compatible chips which could be a drop in replacement. This one looks promising:

I’ve ordered some of those with express shipping to test

wow, so you have to short everything to ground except the power pin and then bring it up. I wonder what prompted them to do that?

Right? It seems like major step back not a step forward. Controlling the ESP32 pins during the boot sequence is tricky to do so it would probably require some external power control circuitry. Hopefully this other one is a drop in replacement.