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Hey guys,

I was wondering what people’s process is for setting up a cut when it comes to position the start. I see setting the home for the cut moves where the cuts will start but is there not a way to drag on drop the project to where you want it?

For example. I cut my sled in the top right of a sheet. Now I am going to cut the meticulous z-axis parts. The NC has the home in the middle. I moved the sed to find the corner where I can cut on the same sheet (top right) but I don’t see a way to just move the cut around with either mouse or arrow keys. Is there an easier way that I am missing?

Move the sled to where you want to cut, then you click the “set home” button. This will move your design to the new spot on the ground control window.

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That would work depending on where home is defined in the file you are going to cut. I moved the sled to the upper right corner of where the cut would fit well, but if I define that as home it’s not the upper left of the cut bug whereever it is in the nc file. (In this case, then centre) so the cut would be way too high and right. If I guess and move home left and down I can set home but since I don’t know measurements of how far it will cut to each side of the home then it may overlap the previous cut.

In your software you can set the 0,0 to the center of your design, or the corners. I use the lower left corner and measure an area of the stock wood to cut to make sure the design fits. Move the bit to My new 0,0 spot ont he stock, and hit the set as home button. If I am understanding you correctly this should work for anywhere on your stock wood to cut your design.

Yes, I believe that would. In this case I am using someone else’s design file prepared as a cut file from the community garden so I can’t set the home unless I want to redo the cam work. So I’m just looking for a simple method for his scenario. A bounding box around the entire project and ability to just drag it around and fine tune with arrow keys would be so fast and efficient I think.

I’m sorry I have no solution for that. That is a software programming “cool feature” that it does not have. You could try re creating the file to your software to generate your own gcode. :+1:t2:

I just follow the cut line to the first penetration, then I move the crosshairs around and define home until the first penetration is in the right spot and run the cut.

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You can hold down the left mouse button few secs anywhere, and it will give you a menu to move the sled there, or set home. It’s a quite unknown feature. But it also relies on the home position.
I think it’s possible to open a g-code file in fusion and change the home point of the file that way. Not sure though.

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