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USB oscilloscope, limited range but kind-of cheap

Thought i share this for tinkerers.
The Hantek 6022BE is a with ~55 a pretty cheap oscilloscope, put also has a limited range for use. Due to it's small form factor, light weight and design with rubber protectors, good for use on the go. Comes with win software, but OpenHantek is an alternative.
Tested on Linux, seem to be also available for MacOSX, Windows (not tested).
The prebuild release of OpenHantek did not work for me on Ubuntu. The snap version works

Eager to test it on the RPi.
Wondering if this could be useful for entering the mystery of PID-Tuning. Comments welcome!
A almost pointless video of what the M3/M5 command that trigger the relay on pin 40 (Arduino Mega) and the PWM on pin 45 to control the spindle speed with the S-Command in the g-code look would like on the screen is here

I found this kind-of funny project as an entrance to PID useful.

If you have links to knowledge of PID for dummies, please share.

Kind regards, Gero