Most affordable simple interface?

No doubt the Asus laptop I’m using has contributed to, if not caused the majority of the “unsolved mysteries” I am experiencing. It’s failure was at least the start of some big problems. However, I also know that my particular level of technical savvy :monkey: has contributed.
With that said, what kind of affordable tablet or such would work? I would use raspberry pi but I don’t need other challenges right now. In fact as far as affordability goes, I already have one (that I stare at confused) :thinking:.
Thanks for any advice as I don’t even know what tablets hold firmware, gc, CAD/CAM, & the like. I also have an Amazon fire but have my doubts.:bow_and_arrow:

any old windows 7, 8 or 10 laptop will work, you probabaly have a friend or relative that has one collecting dust.
Mac will work too but, most people use windows so will be easier to get help if needed.
get one with a decent speed 2ghz or faster and 2gb or more of ram.
an old surface pro 1 or 2 is probably $180 or less and is fast enough
If you dont’ mind a cracked cover glass then you get get them on ebay for less than $100 easily.
I would avoid the extremely cheap slow atom processor ones they sell at walmart.

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Thank you. I will have a better idea of what to look for!:grin:

Would this be a mistake?

Really depends… Did they change anything under the hood? What’s the overall state of the components (much harder to tell on sight)?
They come standard with 2gb of RAM and the standard video card doesn’t have designated RAM (if I’m not mistaken). CAD software will be slow in my opinion.

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If it’s not worn out it will run with a light linux. What still supported win$ release that you have a licence and anti virus for are you planing to run it?

Thanks, good info.:grin:

The Dell or rasp pi?

By slow do you mean annoying or won’t do the job? The reason I ask is I have a gift card that would allow very little out of pocket and I can’t afford to have this laptop continue it’s shenanigans! :roll_eyes:

It’s unlikely that they would be slower than a raspberry pi or cheap tablet.

Ground Control really doesn’t need much.

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i would not reccomend a core 2 duo for anything these days…

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It depends on what you want to run. Arch linux would run perfectly fine and have lots of running room.

Has anyone compiled a Arch solution running Ground Control?

Thank you

that pc runs windows xp, so i would not get it. needs to be at least 7, 8 or 10.

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Are you saying atom processors are likely ok?

Which computer are you referring to?

I have had relatively good luck with refurb desktop computers purchased off ebay. most are lease returns from call centers or other big corporate offices so there is generally no worry of them having been overclocked. They usually get a new hard drive and are sent out with a new keyboard and mouse. You would want to build an enclosure for it with a simple air filtration system to keep saw dust out and probably invest in a wireless keyboard and mouse. Oh, you will also need to get a wifi adaptor to connect with your internet.

Oh, wait, you said affordable.

Never mind

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if a Pi (1GHz ARM CPU) can do the job, I don’t see why a multi GHz Atom would be

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run linux on it and you don’t have a problem.

running windows on a slow processor can be a problem.

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he/she’s asking beginner questions, not sure an advanced linux install is in his/her skill level.


This can be Linux on a USB stick, something that has already been made, not an
advanced install.

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