Use temp frame to cut final frame parts

cannot find the file that contains the final frame parts. I clicked on the link provided but it tells me file not found. Please help as I am planning to get this up and running this weekend

Are you referring to the original frame with the ‘rabbit ears’? That is not continued as there were issues with flex in the frame. If you build it plan a 2x4 across the top to add stability.

Yes I am

You are right. The files seem to be removed and so the link is broken.
I checked my hard drive, but in a recent clean up I must have deleted my copies.
Is there a reason why you stick to a design that is discontinued?
The forum has plenty of options from wall mounted, hinged, unistrut…

I guess I really don’t care just thought id start with the original and see what improvements I could come up with

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I found them in an old release in mechanics:
Download the .zip, unpack the file and check the svg folder.

thanks ill give it a go in the morning

FYI, I’ve edited the link in the wiki and it now points to the last release with the files. Thanks for finding this!

The big problem with the original is that there are too many joints and the
tension on the chain has too much leverage. This means that things bend/flex as
the tension increases in the chains.

Whatever you do, you are FAR better off mounting the motors directly to a beam
(a 2x4 or length of unistrut are the current common things to use), after that,
the rest of the frame can be built in many different ways without affecting
accuracy much.

there is a 1000 post thread on frame design from a few months ago where we
talked over a LOT of options.

try to read through some of it before you go of reinventing the wheel. :slight_smile: