The Original Frame SVG

hi guys, just asking for alittle help im try to download the SVG for the parts for the original frame but i keep getting 404 this is not the papge you are looking for?? any one have any ideas on how i can get the SVG?

I can track those down for you. They are burried in the file history.

Just out of curiosity, why build the old frame?


I think it looks the best. do the other frames work better? should I not be using the old frame?

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The new frame has several improvements that will make the accuracy of your work much higher. The primary benefit is that it has a solid top beam to try to ensure consistent spacing between the motors (i.e., eliminate flexing associated with the original frame). Also, the top beam is projected out further that the original frame motor mounts that will reduce the likelihood of chain skips. There are other benefits, but those are the two main ones in my opinion.


thanks for the help, I will probably switch to the new frame now


Easier to make as well.

The other frames work MUCH better, so you should not use the old frame.

The top beam across the frame holding the motors isn’t as pretty, but it’s FAR
more stable and translates into a far more accurate machine.

David Lang


thanks for the help! I’m going to go with one of the new frames now.

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