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Used Maslow for Sale


I have the original Maslow plus Custom Aluminum linkage arms. Similar to kits sold by pillageTHENburn.

I also have the Z-axis modification.

Son got a big flat CNC and I have a 4x2 flat CNC so I really can not rationalize the space in the shop.

I taken apart the main frame but still have ost of the wood parts. Have all the original parts.

Will ship original parts plus the custom linkage and z-axis. Or if you pick up you can have the sled and frame parts (plywood sheet has been cut up and used) .

I am in Central NC.

$350 - Plus Shipping.


The Z-Axis kit that was sold by @bar & @hannah? Or something else like a beefy z or meticulous z?
Just curious about what’s being offered :wink:.


Bar z-axis kit



Where in central NC? I’m interested and live in Asheville.


Right outside High Point.


(edit #2) I’d drive down with cash in pocket if you’re available one afternoon.
Messaging you to coordinate.