Used Maslow for Sale

I have the original Maslow plus Custom Aluminum linkage arms. Similar to kits sold by pillageTHENburn.

I also have the Z-axis modification.

Son got a big flat CNC and I have a 4x2 flat CNC so I really can not rationalize the space in the shop.

I taken apart the main frame but still have ost of the wood parts. Have all the original parts.

Will ship original parts plus the custom linkage and z-axis. Or if you pick up you can have the sled and frame parts (plywood sheet has been cut up and used) .

I am in Central NC.

$350 - Plus Shipping.

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The Z-Axis kit that was sold by @bar & @hannah? Or something else like a beefy z or meticulous z?
Just curious about what’s being offered :wink:.

Bar z-axis kit


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Where in central NC? I’m interested and live in Asheville.

Right outside High Point.

(edit #2) I’d drive down with cash in pocket if you’re available one afternoon.
Messaging you to coordinate.

Got it running. No room for full size set up.
Thanks again


Very nice… Glad it worked out for you.

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@walterjay , what have you made there?
And… Is your sled thinking tacos? :taco:

Maslow loves tacos. Yep, made the thought balloons and bar top w maslow. Rabbits, I did the hard way.