Used Maslow w/Z-axis and Linkage kit for sale (SOLD)

I built a 100w CO2 laser and really don’t have a need for the Maslow anymore.
Doesn’t have a ton of use, the original Z-axis motor burnt up, and it was replaced with this motor . I spliced in a couple of 80mm PC fans on the power supply to keep the unit cool and free of dust.
It comes with all the original Maslow parts and hardware including the Z-axis and @pillageTHENburn’s great linkage kit. I’d like to get $350 for it.


Good afternoon. I would very much like to take this kit off your hands if it’s still available please let me know.

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I would like to know more about your laser… :slight_smile:

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If you still have it I’ll pay cash today.

At risk of destorying the forum on a completely unrelated topic… I want details too :slight_smile: