Used Maslow with z axis for sale (SOLD)

I was one of the kickstarter backers. I used it for a few hours (enough to cut out the test parts to assemble the final machine). I decided it was too slow for me. It has just been sitting in the corner of my basement for awhile. I imagine it will be better used by someone on this forum.

I’m not sure what the going price is for a slightly used one of these is. So just offer me what you think is a fair price and the highest bidder can get it.

To place a bid please send me a message via this forum.

I will cover the shipping costs in the USA.

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Hi, I am from Colombia
I’m building a cnc, without buying the kit
but I think there is information that comes in the kit to set up and configure properly, I was wondering if you can sell me the guide to do it??
Thank you

All the information on how to build it is on the wiki, there are no instructions
in the kit.

Please ask (in a different topic) for help on anything you are stuck on.

Welcome @pedro_rodriguez. Please show us what you are building.
Why would you want to buy a guide? This website IS the guide.

If you really want to buy it then I guess you could donate something.

yes sir, I can donate, is that I am not clear the initial configuration of the mechanical part

I could be interested in a used maslow. I have been looking at building one and it appears the motors are difficult to source independently. however I’m too new on the forums and I cannot send messages. maybe you can message me?

Please start a new topic for this discussion by explaining what mechanical part
you are confused by.

This topic is someone deciding that they want to sell their machine, it’s not
fair to them to use it for other things.

Would you accept $200 dollars for the basic kit. No router etc as I would need it shipped to Australia.

Are you including the router? If so, what make, model, and condition?

I would if that’s the best offer in the next few days (currently it is the best). Shipping to Australia via USPS would probably be something like $50.

It does not include a router. I was using one I already had and I still use it.

I’m really wanting to get one of these for my small home business. I’d like to offer $225. Let me know!


Hello I very interested I can purchase now I’m in Texas please let me know how much I can send you payment via PayPal

I offer you $300 please let me know Thank
You! I’m in Texas

Ok thanks

Thanks for all the bids, but it has now been sold. Hopefully you’ll be able to get a new one soon.

That’s a bad link, and this is not the appropriate topic. Without looking too close it might even be a bad referral credit link, if so kinda tacky in a different machines forum (if not, no offense intended). I believe it has a current topic, or start a new one.

Plus it’s vaporware - harvest my email address for when the Kickstarter (or other crowd funding) is available. As a long term anti-spammer that’s a flag raiser.