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Various site problems

Images at don’t show up. Additionally, “contact us” form pukes out 403 error.
I’m using firefox, if that matters.

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Woah! Thanks for the heads up! Is it still happening?

Our main site is hosted with Squarespace so we don’t have any control over the servers other than to shoot them an email and let them know something is wrong.

It looked good when I checked just now, but it could depend on where in the world you are or maybe they’ve fixed it. Let me know if the site is still down for you and I’ll contact tech support. If it’s back up sorry for the inconvenience!

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I’m sorry to hear that happend. Can I ask what id the the computer your surfing from? Waht is it’s CPU, & OS please. I will be happy to try and reproduce the issue. Also cna you give me your local region so I can see if I cna remote to your area and test form there. I’m trying ot determine if this is a hosting issue. Is it a bug or a feature.

You certainly could outline what your needs are here and we can make sure the appropriate person gets back to you.

here is what the Maslow store looks like:

including the fact I’m looking ot purchase 4 parts.

Please let me know how I can help.

Thank you

Welcome @l29ah,

What version of Firefox are you on? I had a similar issue after a mayor update.
Cookies and incompatible Add-ons can be an issue in that case. On top of that my connection is extremely slow so most images don’t even load on my end. So i’m a bad example for testing this right now.

If you use protection of any kind then some scripts may eventually be disabled by that.

I tried the Contact page and that loaded just fine on FF 57.0.1 (64-bit) (https) warns about secure connection failing. So if you send emails trought that channel then just don’t enter passwords etc. as they will be send in clear text

After filling out the contact form ans Submitting it I also get a 403 as it exits to
The store also gives me grey squares today. Though it can also be from my end due to slow connection. So if anoter firefox user can give it a try that would generate more data to play with for the person who is going to look into this.

Keep smiling, bugs happen…

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