Has anyone used Vectorworks to create their designs? I use Vectorworks for my architecture projects so am curious if anyone has used it for this and if so what issues did you encounter?



I have not used VectorWorks. I see that it can export IGES files so you should be able to import those into a CAM program such as Fusion360 to generate the gcode. I have used this IGES process for projects and Fusion360 CAM is pretty easy to use. Much easier than the Fusion360 CAD part.

Is VectorCAM part of or does it work with VectorWorks? If so that might be a solution.

FYI, Fusion360 is free for non commercial use and very powerful but requires internet connection (for license) which is annoying.


I will have to look into which CAM will work best with Vectorworks. Fusion360 might be a good option but it is an Autodesk product so it may not like files coming from a rival company. I am waiting on my kit to arrive then hoping to hit the ground running.