Low vision newbie needs some help w/ Fusion 360 CAM

Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I was one of the first 300 or so kits to be sold, and have been using Inkscape & Makercam to cut all of my projects.

I’m getting into some more technical cuts where dimensional accuracy is needed, so I’ve been using Fusion 360 to design. I have a degenerative vision disease which makes it very hard to learn new things on the computer, and especially difficult to do lots of research on topics. I’ve watched a few youtube videos on how to generate Gcode from Fusion, but none of them seems to be helping me.

What I think I need is someone that can give me a call (or I’ll call you!) and walk me through generating the Gcode using Fusion. There are so many parameters, it’s completely overwhelming to me.

Anyone want to help a fellow Maslow user our? Thanks in advance!

I have never used Fusion personally so I don’t think I am the right person to help you out, but I want to say that I think a lot of CAM software is really difficult to use and has way too many parameters so you are not alone in thinking it is overwhelming.

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I have to be honest, I was a litle disappointed in the response to my request for help, but…

I overcame! Through watching dozens of YouTube videos and lots of trial and error, I figured it out.

What an amazing set of free programs we have in Inkscape (to manipulate BMPs and SVGs) and Fusion 360 (to generate designs and GCode)

If anyone needs help using Fusion to generate GCode in the future, please reach out to me and I’ll be happy to walk you through it.


If you managed to come up with a small tutorial on Fusion 360 with Maslow, I’d donate some beer money!! I’ve been wanting to take some Fusion 360 but I’m either to lazy or the parts I see aren’t geared to exactly what I assume I need to know. Maybe if I can get motivated I’ll try to come up with something and post it.