RHINO vs Fusion360

Anyone using Rhino?

I was trained for and use Rhino for work (as well as Autocad, but not Autocad for 3d)

I have Autocad on my home computer, and was thinking about buying a copy of Rhino for home since I work with it so much already.

My Rhino experience is part design (I work in the marine industry) and not sure what plugins or addons that are being used for G-code creation?

If I have to purchase an additional 500+$ software pack for gcode/toolpath output etc It makes me wonder if the Autodesk Fusion360 isnt a better option as it cost less upfront ($40/month or $300/year vs possible $1500 one time upfront cost) and fusion seems to have g-code/toolpath creation without the additional required addon?

And fusion 360 users want to chime in on this? Am I correct in my understanding that it can it act as CAD and CAM software in one?

Have any Fusion users transitioned from RHINO?

Thanks in Advance :relaxed:

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I’m trying out Rhiono5 on a Mac right now. Not much to say good or bad. Rhino and nurbs are their own thing. I’m not thinking of in on the Cam side. Mashcam or Cambam would pare better I think.

Edit - I’ve done nothing in F360 yet. I’m not keen on solutions that are not running on my computer.

Thank you

Ok, I’ll give meshCAM and Cambam a look :relaxed:

Fusion 360 should be free if you use it to make less than something like $100k!

I like OnShape which is also free as long as the projects you are working on are public.

One thing that has made me think about getting Rhino is that I’ve heard it has good plugins for simulating how plywood will bend which isn’t possible (to my knowledge) in either Fusion 360 or OnShape

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How does one get Fusion for free? Maybe I should do a search on the forums lol

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you create an account in it.

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Hah, just emailed the fusion 360 team yesterday. Started with the 30 day trial.
Here is the reply (woohoo!!! Slicer is a beautiful thing!)

Hello Clint,

Thank you for contacting the Autodesk online store! The hobbyist/startup license can be activated from within the Fusion 360 trial. I’ll post a link below with more detailed instructions.

If you have any additional questions for me, you can get directly back in contact with me by simply replying to this email. You can also call 1-855-301-9562 to speak with an online store agent over the phone or chat online through the link below:


I was trained and worked in Autodesk Inventor for years (used EdgeCAM for tool paths).
Fusion360 uses bottom up versus top down modeling process and took me a little bit to get used to. Having used it for a couple months I will say it is an incredibly powerful program and the built is CAM that requires no transition to another software package is very very convenient.
I need to sit down and make a few global settings like GCS orientation, tool library, default CAM setups, etc. You simply cannot beat the features for the price.


Hi Everyone,

I work on the Fusion team at Autodesk. I am happy to help with any issues/questions you have with Fusion or Inventor modeling and simulation if you have any. Just start new threads for each topic and tag me on the posts. I have no experience with Rhino or Onshape but if it works for you, great!

Just to confirm, @bar is correct about the terms and we ask that companies pay for the product if you are making over $100K per year using Fusion. If you are doing this on your own, register Fusion as an enthusiast. If you did not know, all of our software is free to students at students.autodesk.com. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Andrew_Sears for confirming that…it does seem a little too good to be true sometimes that Fusion is is free for enthusiasts. You guys get a lot of love in this community.