Victorian House Details

I am building a new Victorian in a Historic District. I have a lot of cool ideas for custom woodworking details for the exterior of the house but it seems like they are going to cost a lot to have someone else make.

Can the Maslow be used to cut 3/4" pine into intricate porch details??

Hi @Steven_Weis. Welcome to the club.
The Maslow should be able to do it. Depends of course what your definition of intricate is.
Take a look around at the site and you should see some pretty delicate cuts.
I have been cutting 3/4" pine. Step no deeper than 1/2 the diameter of your bit and you should be fine.
I’d recommend to cut a test piece though to determine your rpm and cut speed are good.

CNC cutting templates and then duplicating them very quickly by hand could be a good option also

I seem to recall someone adding a bunch of Victorian details to the community garden.