Wanted Used Maslow Kit

If anyone is interested in selling their Maslow Kit please email me at willishf@gmail.com. We built it over the summer with the goal of having it ready for our Robotics Summer Camp. The challenge was finding a motor substitute. Used 100:1 planetary gears and was able to move the sled around with some degree of precision until the at rest problem became obvious. Then tried other worm gear options. Using worm gear from textrix got things moving again but appears we have a slipping problem going up and to the left not to mention different motor gearing ratios etc.

Would really like to get this project finished so the kids can use it. If you are interested in selling your kit will be happy to cover the original cost of the kit purchase.

Maybe this would work to complete your custom build?


I have those where the encoder integration is not trivial. Did you manage
to get it working with those motors?

No I haven’t tried it yet. I’m planning to do a motor upgrade after receiving and building out a stock kit. I’m currently on the wait list. I’ll post somewhere on the forums about how it goes (probably that thread I shared above), but it sounds like you have a more time sensitive application. Hope you figure something out! @dlang recommended a couple encoders that could be used on the output shaft of those motors, but as you said that integration would be some extra work/not trivial.