I need to sell my Maslow - can't figure out where to post it

My life has been going through changes since I first put my order in, and I came to the conclusion this morning that I don’t have a place in my life for this project. :frowning:

It will show up next week, and as soon as it does I hope to be able to ship it right back out. I don’t suppose there’s a designated spot for this sort of thing?

Sorry to hear that, we will miss you. This is a totally OK place to put it, or maybe in the “uncategorized” section

I’d be interested in it, did you happen to get the z-axis with it?

I am interested as well.


A scaled down version wouldn’t that be an option?

I am interested in buying it as well

I’m interested in buying…

people interested should start making offers, and then the seller can start
contacting folks.

As kits are in short supply expect to pay more than the normal price, so consider that in your offer

I do have the z-axis motor coming as well. I just checked tracking and it hasn’t actually been mailed yet, thus the reason I’ve been so quiet. I am definitely selling though. My life has gotten…complicated. :frowning:

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If it hasn’t been shipped yet, e-mail hannah and see if they can refund your
money and just ship it to the next person in line.

Well, despite what the tracking number says, it just arrived here. So…yeah. Not sure why the tracking number says it hasn’t been mailed.

Head up Brother. I can feel with you as, 2017 stretches the boundaries of how much more can come for me as well.
Hope you have good family and good friends and we will see you soon again on batch 4 or 5.

I sent you a message numbski. Thanks!

is the cnc still available?

Hey There,

I will buy the kit off you right now… What do you want for it?

We already have everything built and was a project for kids in our robotics program. Only thing we are missing is the motors. Should have signed up for a full kit in May but just assumed the motors would become available. Will cover your costs of the purchase which I assume is $500. You can email me at willishf@gmail.com Details about our program http://www.tech-garage.org

I am trying to decide on a fair way to do this, as I asked about this locally on Facebook as well and have two people wanting it, along with people in this thread.

Thought about doing a short ebay auction over 2 days. I don’t want to come off as being greedy, but apart from just randomly picking someone, I have no idea what to do.

Sorry if I come of as scatterbrained. My mind is just elsewhere.

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either pick the first person who responded (and who will pay whatever you want
to charge), or go ahead and do an auction (either here or on e-bay) and accept
what the market wants to pay you.

David Lang

Okay, I put up a very simple eBay auction. I set it for 3 days to keep it short and to the point.