Wanting to Purchase a complete Maslow CNC kit

We are desperately looking to purchase a complete Maslow CNC kit.
You can contact on this forum or at our email: jeffngil (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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I have abused my rights to edit your post as I did not what you get picked up by spambots.
Can you forgive me?
The Forum can be viewed public and the email is visible to many that you don’t want to have it.
The ‘camouflage’ I used is not save though, as good spambots know this mask already.

Edit: Again I forgot my manners, sorry, getting old.
Welcome to the Forum!


Have you checked the swap meet section of the forum?

Where are you? It’ll be harder to find an available kit in, say, Bahrain than in Poughkeepsie.

If you’re desperate than offer a price. You may find somebody who’s willing to wait a couple months for one of the new vendors if you offer enough.

Unlike Gero I may be getting up in years, but I’m just experienced, some might say a mature citizen. Old is somebody older than me. Welcome to the forum, and good luck finding a kit!


Had to look that one up :rofl:

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IBM’s main computer plant was (and might still be…) located there. An old guy would know that so you must not qualify :slight_smile: