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Webcontrol - Backup and Restore - What do they actualy do?

When one uses the backup feature of Webcontrol, what exactly does it back up? Likewise restore? I’ve found several threads that talked about these two but nothing that mentioned specificaly what they do. What settings get backed up for the Arduino? For WC?

I may have to replace my RPI and need to figure out what steps to take. I would like to know more about the process.

If you replace your rpi, you need to get your webcontrol.json file from the .webcontrol folder located in the user folder. If you customized its automatic startup, you may want the .service file from somewhere in /etc (you’ll have to search that one, but its location is published on this forum) or just make a new one. The calibration of the system is stored in the arduino as is its position, so as long as you don’t take the sled off or disrupt the chains, you can run webcontrol from a laptop with that same .json file and it should theoretically just work until you reprovision the new rpi or system that will replace the rpi.