Webcontrol zeros webcontrol.json when FS is full


i had my Rasp PI running for over 2 months. When i wanted to start working today and moved the sled into a new position suddenly the Z axis did go down fully. I did restart Arduino and raspberry and Z axis didnt worked at all.

I saw that the filesystem was full because i had a 7.2 GB logfile, probably because i forgot to switch some extra logging off and later found out that the config file “webcontrol.json” got zeroed. Most probably because the filesystem had been full. Would be really helpfull if this wouldnt happen…

As i wasnt sure which github repo is the active one i am posting this here…

thx for webcontrol & cheers,


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the active webcontrol repo is webcontrolcnc/webcontrol. The log file is a known problem and needs to be fixed.

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How about creating a backup copy of the current config file before opening (and therefore possibly zeroing) the current config for writing?

If the the FS is full creating the backup will obviously fail so the current config shouldnt be zerod?