Calibration will not work

I spent the last three days trying to calibrate it I’ve made six test cuts and none of them woodwork it told me to download the firmware again with an error message and I did that did more tax cuts and it still wouldn’t calibrate. Where do i go from here.

Are you using Ground Control or Web Control? If Ground Control you should probably switch to Web Control, as that is under active development.

What was the error message?

Screenshots may be helpful.

Sorry unfortunately im so new to this I didnt think to take screen shots. If I cant get it done with web control I will definitely look for errors. And screenshot them.
Thank you

how do i set up web control? from what i am seeing people talking about raspberry pi with webcontrol not the arduino mega that i got with my kit. I am sorry im really new to this and kina fee a little over my head.

Webcontrol runs on a computer in addition to the firmware that runs on the

Using a Pi lets you have a very short USB cable to the arduino and it’s fairly
cheap, but you can run webcontrol on the same computer that you are currently
using for GroundControl

webcontrol uses a browser as the user interface, so you can use a phone/tablet
in addition to your laptop/desktop to control things (much more convienient when
adjusting the sprockets to get a pin to 12 oclock)

the windows/mac packaging doesn’t get as much testing as the Pi version, but
people are using it.

There are two versions

  1. single file. Each time you start it up, it extracts all the files and when
    you exit, it deletes them. Convienient to move around, but slower to

  2. single directory, you extract everything into a directory and leave it there.
    faster, but you can’t just move a file.

download the version for your system, install it, and then point a browser at it
(port 5000 on the IP address of your system, if you are on the same
system as your browser)

David Lang

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Main WebControl page seems to have moved here:

I use an rpi on my actual Maslow, and have an extra Arduino attached to a Windows laptop as an emulator. Same firmware gets installed on the arduino. If you go for WebControl, it can upgrade firmware on Arduino directly, which you do if you want to run Holey Calibration. It drills holes rather than cutting. Someone reposted a website recently where they put tape down, without actually have the router drill holes (router off), z-axis lowers router, so bit puts a mark in the tape. Probably makes sense to use a drill bit, with a point.

Just to echo what others have said, I’m also new and found calibration to be 10x easier in webcontrol.

Don’t be put off by the need for a raspberry pi. They’re pretty cheap and a lot easier to use than you might think. They also have a million other uses for Makers. I use one on my 3D Printer to run OctoPrint and if I didn’t have that I probably wouldn’t use my 3D printer half as much as I do. Its 2020 after all and while we don’t have flying cars I can sure as hell avoid manually shuffling SD cards every time I need to print. :smiley: