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Webcontrol on touchscreen

Hi guys, the newest version of webcontrol is very usable on my small touchscreen attached to my pi. Only one issue I have found, for some reason it displays the board and movements for the maslow upside down. If you move the sled up on the screen it moves down for example. ??

This is commonly an issue with having either the left and right motor cables swapped, or if the chains are set to “top feeding” or “bottom feeding” when they shouldn’t be

Unfortunately all my devices are accessing webcontrol on the pi, the chromium browser in the pi is the only one I have the problem on.

Any chance you can post a picture (even from a phone) to explain. I’ve never seen things upside down and not sure what would cause that.

Let me summarize to see if I understand:

external devices connected over wifi show the correct page orientation and the sled moves correctly.
the chromium browser on the pi shows inverted sled movement.
the chromium browser on the pi page has the correct orientation.

I had chromium on my controller pi before I broke the touch screen installing it in the enclosure. I switched to a command line display with it and dumped the full raspian distribution for the lite version.

I’ve never seen different devices show different movement. Maybe different button arrangements, but not different behavior.

If the web page is upside down, then that can be adjusted with a display driver command depending on which display you have. My display was a waveshare and there is an orientation command line option when you activate it so the screen is the right orientation, but that is for everything on the screen, not just the sled movement. all the butttons would be upside down as well.

You had it right. The webpage displays in the correct orientation in all respects escept the model and X movement is upside down. Move the cursor down and the crosshair goes up. Move the sled down, the indicator on the board goes up. The left and the right are fine which is really wierd. I’m trying to upload a video to YT right now.

It’s not the end of the world, I hate to bother you guys. It is a shame though, v932 has made the UI on the pi very usable otherwise.

Here is the video. I am remoted into the pi and running webcontrol in chromium on the pi.

I’m confused. I misunderstood that your sled was actually moving in the wrong direction, but after watching the video, the mouse is moving the wrong direction?

The mouse is the blue reticle. The sled is located at the red reticle and the expected endpoint is the black one and the home is the green one. when you touch upward, the blue moves down? My friend google pointed me here:

Kinda, if you look at the video, the very small black dot acurately reflects the movements I am doing with my mouse. The blue is webcontrols representation of what my mouse is doing, which is vertically opposite. Left and right are correct, the webcontrol display has the vertical flipped. It is solely a display problem. The actual function of the sled and z axis does not seem to be affected by the problem. The extra puzzling thing is it only shows up in webcontrol and only on the board part of the display.

You found something. That’s a new one: just the vertical axis of the mouse on the display and only on the board view area is backwards. That to me begs the question: is the scroll lock for your keyboard on? And why would that matter? New laptop scroll features move opposite of old school ones, so maybe it has to do with that, but why only the board area and not the rest? Chromium is on a small display so it is in the mobile mode. I guess the workaround is to move opposite vertically. The good news is that it works. When my touch screen was working, I never saw this in chromium. I had chromium set to automatically load the page on startup. I had the screen in portrait mode though and that had its own set of problems.

I suggest the anomaly may have something to do with the latest version, it did not manifest in 927.

Other than this problem there is only one other issue from to keep the small touch screen from really being a good asset, that is getting the onscreen keyboard to pop up when you activate an input field.

probably about the same price to get an amazon kindle tablet as a user interface and run the rpi as a server…

Yes but the touchscreen is on the device and not subject to network issues/delays/etc.

I had more issues with the rpi touch screen then I ever have had with my phone. I didn’t like the constant rescaling of the web page on the kindle so I stopped using it but those formatting issues largely from line wrap on the gcode status line have been addressed in the more recent versions.

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I see this is an old post but I had the same problem and thought this would be a good place to post a possible resolution. I use a RPI with Chromium to run WebControl. When I turned off “Hardware Acceleration”, relaunched and the work area was right side up. This blog provides a better explanation.,anything%20you’re%20working%20on.

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