WebControl Z Axis Direction of Touch Plate

Does anyone using WebControl also use a touch plate for zeroing the z axis? I have a Metal Maslow sled that uses the inverted z axis motor. I already know that I need to change my z axis pitch to a NEGATIVE number to get z axis to move in the correct direction. But there must be something else I need to change in order to get the “touch” button to move the z axis in the correct direction also. When I click the button now it is moving the router bit away from the material to be cut.

That’s an interesting thought. I would expect the touch to command the z-axis to move in one direction rather than commanding the motor to rotate a particular direction, but if that’s not what you are seeing that sounds like a software bug.

It seems to have fixed itself after I rebooted the Pi. It is working perfectly today. Completed the Holey calibration tonight and ready to make the first cuts with WebControl tomorrow.