WebControl RPI 3B GPIO

I have hooked up 3 buttons and 1 LED to my raspberry pi.

The buttons each have one side to GPIO pin and one side to ground (Pullups?)
The LED has the anode to GPIO and the cathode to ground. (Active high?)

What are the gpio pins set at for the play/pause/stop function and what is the difference in the LED between each of the options?

Did you ever get this to work?

oh yeah. use it all the time. If you watch any of my videos you can see them in the background. I submitted a massive pull request, but I was just thinking today that I should thin it down so just the buttons will work. You have to run a second program as a service so the button doesn’t stall the main maslow process. @Madgrizzle - any word on the pull request review?

I’ve got to get @tinker’s big PR incorporated first… and then try this one. I’ve just been shy on time recently… and I’m nervous considering I royally screwed up last time I tried to do it.

if you incorporate tinkers big one first should I merge that one with my pull and resubmit? Do you need help testing? I found another bug in my code. The wii remote “set home” function sets a home value, but it is off the board, so that is a showstopper on my last pull request. I think i’d like to break my pull submission into two requests: one for the buttons (so @John_Miele can try it) and one with the pendant and command line interface. This will take me a fair amount of time to sort out, but it will make it easier to test for pulling it into the main code body.

I looked at the PR and its running the no opencv version which kills the webcam feature… I don’t want to lose that unless we can come up with a different method. Also, is anything in your fork problematic for windows 10 and linux builds? I don’t want to maintain multiple sets of code.

I thought I had merged in the most recent main branch before I submitted the PR, so the opencv should be in there. Originally we branched so I could get something to run, but I got it working. If it is broken, then maybe I need to rebranch and do some arts and crafts (pasting) to put my changes back in there. I’ll test it on windows 10 and on linux ( Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS, x86-64). I can’t test on mac because I don’t have one. The features I have added are specific to the rpi, so I may need to go back and conditionally execute all of my code for rpi only using the same check that was put in for the rpi shutoff button and GPIO.

Ok, I had just looked through all the commits and saw the no opecv one down near the bottom… but if its baselined to the current version, then I guess all should be ok with that.

As for mac, I don’t have a means to build it either so I don’t really support it.

You guys rock! I’ve got my rpi getting delivered tomorrow and plan on making my rainy weekend project getting Webcontrol operational. My 9 year old is into robotics at school and figured out he could write gcode from onshape. Now he wants to make stuff which ties up my laptop while cutting. Thanks for all the work!