Webcontrol RPI LED Status

So I’m working on adding a tricolor LED to my controller and I put in a status flag that updates based on what the system is doing. I have tricolor red, green, and blue LED lines to the raspberry pi, but I’m struggling with flask html coding to get an LED page that makes sense. I’ve patterned it after the GPIO settings page. Instead of the GPIO pins listing, I have the status listing on the left and I want two more columns of combo boxes. For each row, one combo box will select a color. The colors are red / green / blue / yellow / cyan / magenta / white since there isn’t pwm dimming on all 3 channels, that’s all there is.The second column of combo boxes is to select the behavior: on / off / blink / pulse.

The GPIO settings html page takes data from .json settings file and passes it to the html page. I’ve done a similar setup for the LEDstatus, but beyond that nothing seems to work. Anybody good with flask html that can help me push this through? Right now I can get a list of status items with a single blank drop down box, but the option list is blank. I’ll post code or a link to the git repository if anyone has a minute to help.


It wasn’t an html problem, it was the json file not having all the fields. Once added, it looks like this:

A second option with single dropdown column: