Expansion options using WebControl's GPIO functionality

Wow! I just spotted that WebControl has a bunch of different events you can tie to GPIO states, eg buttons for startup / shutdown in addition to e-stop, play/pause and return to centre! That’s super-cool.

Has anyone used this to build an on-machine control panel or control a ‘traffic light’ indicator before? I think that could be a really useful addition to my machine.

I wonder if it would be possible to add other features, eg a 4-button ‘50mm step’ arrow jogger… (yes I know, mobile phone and pendant http access - but I love physical buttons!)

Does anyone know what MCP means in ‘WebMCP Running’?

Does anyone know what MCP means in ‘WebMCP Running’?

early versions (docker based) had a ‘master control program’ that then ran
webcontrol, I’m not sure if that’s still used.

David Lang

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I did the button thing and was toying around with offering laser cut panels with labels for custom control bittons