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Webcontrol keeps crashing

I’m trying to use WebControl with the PC, but losing the connection continually, it locks for a while and then returns to work. What could be the reason? Thanks.

Some have reported that some USB port hardware on windows PCs are flaky and unreliable. Others have used a shorter certified USB cable length.

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Strange because I’m using the original Maslow cable. I’ll do some tests, thank you.

This is a known issues for Ground Control, and Web Control running on PC’s or on Raspberry Pi’s as a web server so you are not alone in running into this if it makes you feel any better.

In addition to what @Orob mentioned, i would recommend:

  1. Use the shortest length cable possible

  2. Route the cable away from any possible source of electrical noise.

  3. Use a certified USB cable, preferably one with a choke.

  4. Power your computer and Arduino from a separate power circuit than that of the router and/or vacuum.

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I followed your advice but it still crashes, even with the router turned off. The positive is that it does not give more errors in the movement. I have the original maslow and the upgrade M2, I would like the automatic zero for the Z axis, is it worth buying a raspberry?

I would say yes it is worth buying the raspberry especially since for both webcontrol and makerverse you can get a prebuilt image that can be downloaded and written to the SD card and then be able to plug and go with a network cable or after you set up wifi.

3B+ or 4 will work fine. That is all I use for the maslow now. No monitor on it. It acts as a server and you load the webpage from your design computer to upload gcode. Then out in the garage, I use my phone to position and then start the cut.

I found that I don’t like surprises, so the motor control board is in an easily accessible location so if things aren’t moving as I want, I can pull the power plug to the motor shield and it won’t move when I don’t want it moving. I unplug it after the cut completes, but I leave everything else on most of the time, so it is ready to go once the shield power is connected. I’m thinking I’ll put a wall light switch on the frame connected to the shield power so I don’t have to unplug it, I can just flip the switch and sled movement will stop. It won’t stop the router spinning, but the router has a power button on it and is easy to get to.

one significant advantage of using a pi with webcontrol is that it lets you use
a very short USB cable, greatly reducing the dreaded USB disconnect problem.

it’s also, by far, the most common and tested environment.

David Lang