What design software works?

Looking for some help of software choice to convert designs from sketchup and adobe illustrator for maslow? Im new to the design programs but very new to the CNC world.
any suggestions would be awesome.

I’ve been playing with the trial they have lots of tutorials. Not cheap

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are you using the cut 2d pro or desk top ? or other?

doesn’t super cheap but if it works!

desktop does 2x2’ and pro does any size

For basic stuff you can get free use of Easel (with email signup) which runs in a browser.


I’ve come up with a decent process using a couple of extensions in Sketchup.

-Install “Unwrap and Flatten faces from the Extension Warehouse” (this will quickly rotate your part so it’s flat on the XY plane.)
-Download and Install Sketchucam (this will act as your CAM process and allow you to export gcode right from Sketchup)

  1. Select one face of the object that you want to cut.
  2. 'Unwrap and Flatten Face" from the Tools Menu
  3. Explode the group and further explode any curves
  4. Use Sketchucam tools to create cut, add tabs, define workspace, etc.
  5. Don’t forget to find the center of your workspace and Set that as 0,0 using the “X” button on Sketchucam toolbar.
  6. Generate G-code using the green arrow button and save as *.nc file.
  7. Open in Ground Control and see how it looks.

Like anything it takes some time to learn but I’ve found it pretty easy to figure out and a lot easier than switching to Fusion360 for 3D modeling which I’m sure is the right thing to do eventually.

I’ve gotten into the habit of doing a test run on things on cardboard before I cut into wood. And for some of the templates that I cut I just use cardboard and can then cut my parts much faster using saws.

Good luck.

you should add this to the wiki as a stand-alone post for future reference.

Pro works very well. great tutorials.

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