What do the frame dimensions need to be?

If my Maslow cuts all areas of a 4’x8’ sheet, does the frame take up 5’x 9’, 6’x10’…?

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the frame needs to be at least a couple feet longer than what you are going to
cut (4 ft longer is probably better than the stock 2 ft longer)

it will be ~2.5-3 ft taller than the width of what you are cutting

it will be 2-3 ft deep (depending on how you mount the legs, if you put anything
else on the frame, etc)

David Lang

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Thank you.

Did you mean “…than the height…”?

well, you talk about a sheet of plywood being 4’ wide, and 3/4" tall/thick

so for 4’ wide plywood, the machine is 6.5-7’ tall

David Lang

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