What does your workflow look like after a successful calibration?

I just got my first successful calibration after lots of attempts. And realized I’m not really sure what a normal workflow looks like.

So, how do you use it, literally each step once you’ve got it calibrated. Here’s what I’ve done so far. Starting from the “calibration complete” message, I moved the router around a bit using the buttons to make sure it actually moved without creating slack or any errors, and then:

  1. Raise up the Z axis to make room to get the bit in and give it plenty of room
  2. release tension
  3. I’ve got it in a vertical configuration, so I made a little rope and hook that hangs from the top of my frame (and can be moved out of the way when the router’s in use) I “hang” the router to get the weight off the cables
  4. Detach the cables from the endpoints
  5. Retract all to make it easy to move
  6. Go put in the bit. The little knubby to hold the button in place while tightening it is really important here
  7. Put a piece of plywood to cut up on the frame. I just used a smaller test piece and used blue tape to hold it up.
  8. Put the router back on the frame, I hang it up using my rope & hook
  9. Turn it on, connect and retract all again (which happens right away since they’re already retracted)
  10. Extend all, and connect the cables to the end points, and un hang it from my little rope
  11. Take up slack
  12. Set the Z axis, lower it until the bit is just touching the wood, and then bring it back 1 mm. Hit “set z home”
  13. Move the router to a spot on the board that, and set that as the home point.
  14. Turn on the router so the bit’s spinning. I picked “3” as the speed
  15. Hit play

It cuts and then I turn off the router.

That’s how far I’ve gotten. But I’ve got a few questions:

  • Each time you turn it off, you need to retract all and extend all?
  • It seems like the point where I set my home point didn’t matter. I tried two different home points, and both times it made the test cut in the exact same place. Is this something about the gcode, or is that expected behavior.

My next steps will be figuring out a good workflow for creating STLs and g-code. What software are people using successfully?

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Yes, but that’s on the short list of things to fix. I leave mine on the frame all the time and slide new sheets of wood under it

No, I would expect the home position to set where the cut takes place. There are two home buttons, one just for Z and one for XY which could be maybe the issue?