Z axis calibration issues

First thing, when you select lower in calibrate, is the bit suppose to lower, further down to cut deeper, or retract closer to the router?

I was trying to calibrate the Z axis. i go through the steps in GC, then when i have the bit flush with the board, when i define zero, it then triggers the motor to lower the bit closer to the wood, as in to cut deeper. i was under the impression that when you select define zero. you are stating that this is the zero point, where its flush to the wood.

Also, with the router i have, there is a small gap from when you raise to lower, that nothing happens. the two gears inside that controls, thus it doesn’t allow me to get a precise zero point. has anyone else come across this? I can take pictures if someone need to see what I mean, and post.

You are under the correct impression. Defining zero should be the surface of the wood.

Lowering down pushes the router bit further into the wood.

Thanks for the reply. I reached out to EastBaySource, and looks like the wiring was terminated incorrectly, or was meant for something else. They are going to send me the correct ones. In the mean time, they advised to me to set 3.17 to the reverse, -3.17, which is ok, but I noticed now that my other motors are now doing the opposite. In ground control, when i perform the motor test, in the program, it does up, while my actual device goes down. Would that be contributing to me changing the settings? Sorry, so many questions, as this is all new for me, and learning as I go along. I know that defining Zero for the Z axis, will still cause my bit to raise. It doesn’t simply marks it as zero location. can we post little vids of what happens on here?

Just a quick reply cause I’m finishing lunch break, I use web control and there is a place to tell it whether you are using top or bottom feed. But I know that before I actually calibrated whenever I changed something I would have to restart everything, cause the motors had a tendency to go the wrong way.

bar, hi there. Im trying to choose the best and most reliable trim router ( from here: https://www.woodroutersreviews.com/best-trim-router/ ), for my brother-in-law. And it looks like DeWalt DWP611 is one of the greatest in that list in the section of price / quality. I’ve watched some prices in nearby markets. Do you have any recommendations about it?

I haven’t personally used all of them, but I think the DWP611 is a great choice. I have used the Makita on that list too and it’s a great router for hand use, but it gets pretty hot if you run it for hours at a time while the DeWalt stays cooler