First test cut. Z axis not plunging

Hey all! I’m stuck during calibration. Zeroed our z axis against surface for text cut. Next step, I hit make test cuts. Bit raises about 1/4”. Travels to top left for first cut, but lowers to surface but doesn’t plunge into plywood. Ridged with bungee. What am I missing?

Thx all!

I would check all the normal stuff i.e. set screws and such. You may need to loosen up the clamp on the base and/or increase the bungee pressure. The castings on the base and the alignment grove are not the best. I ended up sanding the entire base to remove the imperfections and polishing to 600 grit, I also use graphite dry lube on the router body. There are some simple fixes for the z axis to make it work better if you are interested in that.


I have the bungee cord and the body loosened up. The bit lowers back to where I zeroed the z axis but doesn’t go any deeper. Is there somewhere that I set cut depth for the calibration?

Is this the included benchmark, or is this a CAM file you generated?

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When at this zero location, is the traveler near the middle of the lead screw, or is it at the end? In other words, has the mechanism bottomed out?

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Pretty much in the middle. During calibration, am I supposed to get a prompt for depth of test cuts?

Not certain that I follow, but in general if the setting ‘z-axis installed’ is off, one gets prompts, if it is on, one should not.

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So we are thinking now the Z axis may not be enabled?

Can you manually lower the z below the surface of the wood when not doing the calibration process?

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I was able to get it to work. Not sure what I did different though.