What is the name of this connector?

I only ordered the 'sockets


That looks like the connector for the Left and Right motors - an XHP-6 from JST


The similar but smaller connector for the stock Z motor is PHR-6 from JST



I would get more value from the efforts of the forum members (and provide more value to future readers) if I would ask better questions.

I purchased this motor on Amazon to replace the stock Z-axis motor I burned out:

It has a DuPont connector, and I am hoping for a no-solder converting connector to the default Maslow Z-axis cable connector. I believe the part Gero provided will do the trick.

Now I’m just hoping the color moapping is correct…

I’ve bought several different z-motors, the color mapping is different.
The Maslow Z cable uses this color code, with the pins in this order :
Black - Motor -
Red - Motor +
Orange - Sensor Vcc
Green - Sensor Gnd
White - Sensor A
Yellow - Sensor B


The motor linked above uses Blue for Vcc, Yellow for Sensor A and White for Sensor B

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