Motor cabling connectors

If I understand correctly, the left and right motor connectors and all shield connectors are JST 6 pin connections. Any idea what the z motor connector is called? The original z axis motor that makermade and easbay still ship is a smaller connector with shorter pins. MetalMaslow ships a motor with the same connection all the other motors have. A new classic replacement z motor just arrived and needs the smaller, different connector. After waiting a week to get the motor there are cuts to be made… One option is to depin and plug each wire in individually and then solder, but that is not ideal.

The left and right motor connectors are JST-XH series connectors.

The original z-axis motor connector is a JST-PH series connector which is a little bit smaller.

I’m not sure, but it is possible that the pin are compatible from one to the other. Each pin on the connector has a little metal spring tab that holds it into the connector.

You can push down on that tab and pull the wires out to put them into a new connector if you would like. I haven’t tested it, but it’s possible that the wires could be moved to the larger connector which would be what I think you want to do. No soldering required.

Let me know if that works, I’m curious if they are compatible like that

Bar, thanks for the info. I don’t have the jst-ph plastic plug connection for the smaller z motor, but I have that 1’ extension of jst-xh you sent me so I’ll pull the pins from it and see if I can make a plug that will fit.

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Let me know how it goes. The JST XH connectors are super easy to find, but the PH ones can be a little bit more obscure.

I took a 1 mil pin header and soldered it in place and hot glued it to make it work with the pins from an xh connector

Classic z motor now works with the same cable I had. You may recognize that pigtail.

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Very nice! Good out of the box thinking :grinning: