What should the fan do and when should it do it?

What should the fan do

New build issue -
I have never heard the fan start through several power cycles (only electronics plugged in, not Dewalt). When should I first hear it? What is it’s normal way of working? Constantly or only as needed?

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The fan should turn on and off only as needed which is pretty much whenever the motors are moving since it’s main job is to cool the motor drivers.

The easiest way to test that it is working is to press Retract All and you should see it start to spin up

OK, thank you!
Should I have read that already or just a behavior I
would see? Just trying to evaluate my reading ability here!

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Nope, I don’t think it’s specifically mentioned anywhere when exactly the fan turns on and off

The Extend All cooling fan thing is mentioned in the User Guide

Might be good to document this better somewhere (like maybe the wiki).

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