Top of motor rotating back and forth

Ive noticed that my top motor is rotating back and forth. Is this normal or does something internally need to be tightened or is it possibly broken?
The video was while lowering z axis

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That probably means that the bolts which hold it on are a little lose. Those are the ones that we put the thread locker on to hopefully prevent that from happening

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Could this be hurting my calibration? My fitness is averaging
3x3 1.8
5x5 .8
7x7 .55
9x9 .43
On a 1200x1200

I cant get good values and Im stuck in a never ending loop on calibration

@bar the screws holding the board into the motor were tight as could be (thread lock worked), however the 4 screws in the motor were a bit loose. I tightened and the motor is now solid with no wiggle. Now Ive got to find my lil red tube of thread lock :upside_down_face: :laughing: