What should the Shank length be for the router bits?

for the Ridgid R22002 router, what should the length of the shank of the router bit be for it work appropriately with Maslow ?
rather my question is: Does Maslow know to adjust the ZAxis so that the router bit shank can be of variying sizes ? or is this not really possible ?



after you put a bit in the router, you need to set the zero with that bit, so
any length bit works, as long as you have enough Z axis travel (a 4" long bit
will be a problem when you have 2" of travel for example)

David Lang

Basically the Maslow controller is not aware of router bit shank length. The Maslow controller only knows the Z axis zero position and the Max Z depth. The CAM software you use (e.g. Fusion360) does use the router bit shank length and will use that info to determine the max depth of cut per pass that is used to pass onto the Maslow controller.

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Finally getting back to this. The reasn i asked the question to beging with was because, the Z depth across the 4x8 board was varying. in the middle it seems to be ok, but as the maslow moves to the right, the Z depth doe snot seem to be enoughand its almost the router bit seems to pull up more. I do not think I am able to interpret the Gcode well enough to see if its in the GCode. (the GCode was generated via Easel). I basically am cutting 2 plates with a dado of around 2 inches wide in each plate.

the Z axis cuts are vayring across the board. I am wondering if its a problem with the Frame. (frame constructed per eastbaysource instructions)

watch the machine as it’s cutting, is the sled pulling away from the workpiece?

the chains should be parallel to the workpiece (or very close), if the ring is
too low, then as the chain tension gets higher, they will tend to pull the sled
away from the workpiece…

I’ve had times when I don’t tighten the chuck enough and the bit moves, but for
me it’s usually resulted in the bit digging deeper into the workpiece.

Since the sled is riding on the workpiece, if the entire frame is flexing your
position would be wrong, but the depth should not change much.

this is a case where we can’t really tell what’s going on without pictures or a

David Lang