What types of chains are used and how to maintain them

Hey everyone,

I ended up twisting up one of my chains during calibration. I didn’t attach one of the motors firmly to the top beam and it rotated while pulling tight and…yeah…NOT GOOD. I had a total of 3 links on the chain twisted.

I was wondering what type of chain is typically provided with the kit and how can I perform maintenance on it without replacing them (just yet). I noticed they are different from bike chains with the pins able to be removed. I can’t tell if they are welded in or what. I’ve only seen the proper chains on makermade, but again, I want to try to fix it myself before having to drop the money on new chains every time something goes wrong with the chains.

Any ideas are welcome!



These are ANSI #25 roller chains (bicycle chains are a lightened version of #40
roller chains)

they are readily available on e-bay, including from several US sellers.

I haven’t found a chain breaker tool that lets me re-join the chains yet (like I
am used to doing on bicycle chains), but you can get a chain breaker and then
use a master link to reattach them.

David Lang


Thanks David!

Are there recommendations of upgrading the chains or is this the best value?


you could go with stainless steel instead of normal chain, but other than that,
there’s no real reason to change.

David Lang

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