No Chains in Kit (update on chain request)

i sent the below to Are there any other contacts I can request a chain from?

hi, I just opened a brand new maslow box and there are no chains. My friend and i bought 2 maslows under john deckard, I believe, several months ago. I have been using one which I just sold . I opened box holding second Maslow and I swear to u there r no chains in this kit. I opened in one place, my kitchen center island, and did not move anywhere else. The box was not opened prior.
can you please send as fast as u can to:

Iam in a bind and must deliver a project. Please expedite if possible.

****I sent numerous emails to, Got a response from makermade. I sent the order number and he told me he could send chains yet now after several email inquiries no response. This is trouble if the guy wont support the product. Please know I bought 2 kits. ***

JIm Romano

Found that Googling:

Name: Delta Industrial Supply Co., Inc.
Street 2313 Cold Springs Road
ZIP Code/City:76106 Fort Worth

(817) 625-1661

Could be worth calling if your in a bind?

thx, right down street from me, JR

We can send you replacement chains.

Just to clarify, this kit was not purchased from Maker Made CNC.

I appreciate your courtesy with me. we purchased this before makermade got involved i believe. I am a devout maslow user and part of the beta testing team to make the machine better. I did buy replacement gears a couple weeks ago.
I want to reiterate, the box was opened on my kitchen center area. I first took out the Maslow instructions and started putting together cause I have a project that is due Saturday. I put gears on ring, sprockets on motors etc. and then noticed no chains. I did not move from the kitchen, Bizarre, all chain components, string, small sprockets and the hook things were in box.

can u expedite? I’ll pitch in for shipping faster. Please send chains to:

Jim Romano

801 Boston Dr

Southlake, TX 76092


Just a suggestion. Jim R may want to start communicating with private messages regarding your address. Maybe whoever is taking care of the forum can take his address out of the posts and possibly save him some grief from spam snail mail.


hi, can someone please tell me the length of the chains needed? is it measured in links?

~11 ft of #25 chain. If you are going with a larger 12 foot top beam, then I’d try to get around 13 feet of chain.

so 2 by 11, has to be, jr

Hey Guys,

Does anyone have pull with the maker guys? I ve been begging for chains for over a week now. They said chains would go out last Monday but no joy yet and these guys dont reply to my inquiries now. I see this as a sorry state of Maslow cnc affairs.

Who specifically did buy the kit from? There’s a couple people selling kits and I suspect goes to @bar or @hannah and they havent sold kits for a long while now.

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Did you buy the kit from me? If so sorry and I can see what I can wrangle up!

I bought kit from Maslow, not an individual. at time there was a 6 month wait. I got 2. JR

the maker guy told me he would send. Im still waiting. I gave him the order number from several months ago. I used one did not open second till recently. JR