Whats best program to use

whats best program to use to write g code having issues with maker cam and it leaving random thing out of designs

I like fusion 360, it’s modelling and cam in one package, and it’s free.

I recommend FreeCAD. It is modeling and CAM in one package, it is free, and it is open source. You do not have to pay licensing fees, regardless of your status as a commercial user.

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@Dag83 do you just keep 30 day trialing the Fusion 360? The subscription fee is pretty steep, especially if it’s sitting dormant.

Free trial? Isn’t fusion just free for hobby use, i certainly never payed for it.

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@Dag83 I found it. Their main page only discusses a free 30-day trial or a full subscription. I had to do a search for “hobbyist” and found the hobbyist/startup subscriptions.

Thanks for putting me on the right track!


I’m not sure about best because I’m new to this and still haven’t run a Maslow but I am finding lots of great online content for fusion 360. YouTube tutorials, explanations, walkthroughs, examples, etc. The free hobbyist license helps.

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