What's the correct way to update from github?

I installed from github: see topic

now i’m trying to figure out the correct way to keep this up to date.
And eventually an option to roll back if an update breaks things… as this uses the development version…

So i kinda hope that there soon will be a real installer .deb or a ppa installer… that at least splits a ‘known good’ stable version from the dev environment.

but it’s still good to also have the option to install the dev version.

Would even be nice if the two could exist side by side withouth weirdness. Should not be an issue, right?

This is the first time i do stuff with git, and i’m not sure what to do
git pull, synch, fetch, i’m a bit lost

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For the simplest ‘non-git’ way on the Linux platform, there are two paths you can choose from. If you want to stay with the released version as it progresses, use the ‘Source code (zip)’ link on this page, which will be updated each time a new version is released. If you want to test the development version being assembled for the next release, use this link, which will always point to the “bleeding edge” version :smile:.
On Linux, once you’ve downloaded and unzipped the GroundControlvX.YY (release) or GroundControl-master (development) directory, you can cd into it and run in the manner you’re used to.
A similar arrangement applies to the Firmware release page with Source .zip or development master. It’s a good policy to always do both, as changes to one often require changes to the other.

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Thanks @blurfl

for the current way i’s set up bleeding edge it would be. Straight from github

however for a real distro i really would need a ‘known stable’ release in a .deb or ppa

As for git i need a command line option to update the bleeding edge
it’s not clear to me if is should do
git pull
git fetch
git whatever to get my VM updated
If i can script this and trigger it with an update button then i’m half way there… But if there is a bug in the dev version then i don’t have any way to roll back i guess… So in that respect bleeding edge is not what the end user wants…
So to make this a real distro i really would need a stable installer again

I think git pull is the command you are looking for. If I remember right you can just do Git pull https://github.com/MaslowCNC/GroundControl.git and it should download the latest “bleeding edge” version to the current directory



I’m all new to github, is it really that simple? Or are there additional things that i should configure?

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I think it’s really that simple :grinning:

Git does a pretty good job of not making things more complicated than they need to be.

If you already have a version download and just want to download an update you can use git pull origin master from within the folder to update your version to the latest


And to make it extra confusing they forgot to mention this in their ‘simple’ tutorial web page . :smiley:

You’re supposed to read the source code and figure it out :grinning:

Though luck then… I’m code-blind like a Stevie Wonder :sunglasses: