When are Ring Sled Kits going to be available?

I have the first generation kit and we had a baby so I haven’t had time to build it. The new ring kits look great and I see they are included in the new kit but I can’t find where to buy just a Ring Sled Kit anywhere?

I see lots of people talking about upgrading their Maslows with this kit. Were they previously available but sold out? What’s the deal?

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Welcome to the forums Matt!
As far I know there are no ring kits available at the moment. There are other really good options though (just as accurate as the ring). At the moment your best bet is to either make or buy a linkage. They can be made with some basic tools and a little know-how, or you can purchase laser cut kits. Dlang makes a kit that mounts on the top of the sled and I make a laser cut kit that mounts around the router.
You can find much more information (and links) here: Linkage kits are now available! 🎉

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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The ring kits are expensive to make and it’s not clear when or if they will be
available separately again.

However there are two linkage kits that achieve the same results, they are
linked to at the top of the swap meet topic.

One is the wood “45 degree” kit, and one is the metal “top mount” kit that I
make (and am trying to find other people to make as well)

and no, unfortunantly we have never had anyone complete a head-to-head
comparison of the three options to report which was better.

David Lang

the ring kits were available from about spring 2018 to july 2018. the linkage kits are cheaper, smoother and pretty easy to make your self or buy from above.

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Hello, sorry if this is chiming in really late,

How do I proceed without the ring or linkage kit? I also waited a really long time to build mine, and since the instructions are online, I only see instructions for the sled with the ring.

Well, I (personally) think your best options are to either make your own linkage or I can send you a laser cut linkage kit tomorrow! (but you’d have to pay for it :wink:)
Here’s a direct link to the linkage kit on Etsy. And more information can be found at the top of this thread: Linkage kits are now available! 🎉

Or perhaps you have another crazy idea of how to solve the quadrilateral kinematics problem? We like crazy ideas around here!


Thank you Logan. I DM’d separately.